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Chopping Block - 13x18x1 1/4 End Grain


  • Manufacturer: Snow River
  • Model: 7V03313

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Chopping Block - 13x18x1 1/4" - End Grain

This handsome and durable cutting block is made in the USA of solid maple wood and dried in a process to ensure consistent moisture content critical in avoiding wood cracks and splitting. Made from end-grain maple for a durable and beautiful surface, this type of construction is preferred by professionals, since the end grain allows for getting the most out of a knife. It includes hardwood feet on the back side to lift it 1-1/4 inches high off the countertop. Washing by hand is recommended. Overall, the board measures 13 by 18 inches, by 1-1/4 inches tall.

End grain blocks allow the knife blade to glide through the wood fibers, staying sharper longer. The cutting surfaces are the ideal choice for cutting, chopping, and cleaving as well as being gentle on your fine cutlery.

This is not only a great cutting board for my small kitchen, it's also good looking. Because of the depth it's easy to stand on end when not in use. It also has small feet so there is enough distance above the counter that I can easily slide a knife blade beneath it to get it temporarily out of the way while working. Not expensive for a maple, end-grain cutting board. What more could you want? 

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